Shadows: A Live Art Installation

With the audience watching from the street, Kuhlman projects historic photographs of the 1950’s Civil Rights Movement onto vacant storefront windows, and climbs into them as a shadow, highlighting stories of Emmett Till, Rosa Parks and Little Rock Nine. The performance runs 30 minutes. The event is free to the public and open to all ages with parental discretion due to subject matter.

We live in a global media of 24-hour news, instant mobile uploads and history boiled down to simple sound bites. Stories of Emmet Till, Rosa Parks and Little Rock Nine are fading. I am bringing these iconic images out of their thumb-sized confined, computer-boxed forms into a larger format to allow the impact of history and innovative thinking to resonate deeper into our bones and inspire all of us. And as with the movement itself, the performance is experienced on the street and will happen rain or shine so please dress appropriately (photos by: Duncan Berry & Michelle Bates)

Split Second

Split Second explores moments of split second decisions: isolated, identifiable moments in time that impact an individual or society. Split Second draws from works of literature, history, film, photography and personal experience. Projected images, spoken word, shadow, a ten-foot hanging coat, nine loaves of Wonder bread, live and recorded music are used to create a powerful evening of theatre. Included are short stories by Northwest writers: Raymond Carver and David James Duncan, as well as collaborations with choreographers: Sally Sykes and Donald Byrd. Originally developed through On the Boards and produced in Seattle through Scarlet productions Split Second is appropriate for audiences 12 and older and is currently available for bookings which can include workshops or residencies.